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The Wedding Dress Train

The wedding train is the part of the skirt that gives it the length. The length depends entirely on YOU and what you think looks best for your wedding ceremony. Normally, the fancier the wedding is the longer the train will be. Back in the day the train usually determined your status, so how wealthier you are. Nowadays it is based upon how formal or informal your wedding is.

There are a few different trains you can decide from, the sweep, court, chapel, cathedral, and monarch.

The Sweep: Is the shortest and extends only 1 to 1.5 feet beyond the end of the dress

Court: This is the same length as the sweep, the only difference is it extends from the waist








Chapel: The chapel is the most common and extends from the waist to the floor from 3.5 to 4.5 feet

Cathedral: This train is typically seen in very formal weddings and requires a supporting bustle because there is so much fabric. The train extends 6.5 to 7.5 from the waist to the floor

Monarch: This is the train seen on Kate Middleton’s wedding gown. It is normally reserved for royalty because it extends 12 feet from the waist. It is rarely seen on American wedding gowns

Choose your train wisely! Be creative, if you want a long train for the ceremony but don’t want to have to fuss with a long dress for the reception get a detachable train. You can also have a bustle for your train. It is all up to YOU the bride! Have fun with it!



Engagement Rings

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “engagement ring”?? Maybe, marriage, love, new, exciting, fun, or nerve racking? Now, keep what you think about engagement rings stored in the back of your mind and keep reading, because I bet you have never truly thought about the origin of the engagement ring…and nor have I, until now.


The idea of an engagement ring dates all the way back to when cavemen tied grass together to put around their mates wrists, ankles, and waists to symbolize her spirit being under his control. In 2nd Century BC and 1st Century BC the ring was to bind the brides to their men legally, symbolizing the men’s ownership of the woman they married. In 1217 girls were being seduced into mock marriages using rings made out of rushes, however the bishop of Salisbury wanted to end this. To end it he declares that marriages using rush-rings will be legally binding. Hence, the start of the commitment that is symbolized by wedding rings.

Now you’re probably thinking, “I am an independent woman who is owned by no one!” It’s okay because I am right there with you! Romance may seem to be impossible to think about when it comes to engagement rings because you think of being owned or you think about Sultans tagging their wives with rings and it loses some of the joy. HOWEVER, the poetically beautiful symbol of commitment that is portrayed by the rings is brought to life in 1477, with one of the first recorded use of a diamond engagement ring, by a man named Archduke Maximilian. Archduke Maximilian proposes to Mary of Burgundy with a thin ring with flat diamonds in the shape of an M. Thus becoming the first man to use an engagement ring the right way, creating love and passion for their years to come!

NOW do you remember what you thought of when you heard the words engagement ring? Hold on to those thoughts but add in the new information you just read and be proud that you learned something new today! Engagement rings are still exciting, new, fun, and maybe a little nerve racking!! The only difference is when you hear “engagement ring” you’ll be fully equipped to be excited for the people but then freak them out by telling them those rings used to be for men to prove they own their women.





It is OK to begin again

It is OK to not have a clue what your dream dress looks like. You may have an idea of what you want your dream wedding gown to look like or you may have absolutely no idea! Either way our Bridal Elegance consultants are here to help you! One thing brides should know about their bridal experience, who have not tried anything on yet, is that you should try on the four main silhouettes: the sheath, fit and flare, A Line and Ball gown.

Here is the thing, you could have your dream dress picked out that you found on the internet somewhere and you have a picture of it and everything. So, we find the exact dress or something similar to it and put it on you…and you hate it or you may still like the dress but it does not look the way you imagined it to look on you. And that is OK! It happens, that is why you need to try on all the styles so that you know which looks best on you and which dress is YOUR dress. For example, you could have fallen in love with a lace fit and flare that you pinned on your “Wedding Dress Ideas” on Pinterest and so you try an alike dress to that gown but don’t love it anymore and you begin to lose hope and get discouraged because now you have no idea as to what you want to look like on your wedding day. That’s OK! Start over, bridal consultants are there for YOU, your wants and your needs are their priorities, so begin again and find the style that fits your personality and look! Do not lose heart when you begin to not know what you actually want because you will be surrounded by people who want to help you find your dream dress.

You get to be dressed up and feel like a princess for the day, so milk it (: have fun with it and know that you are beautiful inside and out and the gown is just icing on the cake for your wedding day to be perfect!

Have a Say (Reviews)

Finding your wedding gown is kind of a HUGE deal and you want to have the best experience possible. In doing so you must find the right stores with the right dresses and the ways to do that is either know someone who got their dress from a certain place or look it up. If you look up bridal stores you will also see reviews that have been made about the stores. Those reviews are very important in helping you decide which store best suits you!

We need YOUR help with our reviews for Bridal Elegance. If you loved your experience here then post something about it or if there is anything you wish for brides who are looking for their own gown to know, post it!

You have four options on how you choose to leave a review! -Type in “Bridal Elegance Colorado Springs” then click the star rating/review icon and from there you can click “Write a Review” and post a comment– Click on “Local Vendors” in the top bar or search with vendor name, Bridal Elegance. In the box that says “near” type in Colorado Springs, CO and select our store and click the “Write a Review”. If you are not a member it takes a few seconds to register with your email address– Type in or search for us in the search box on facebook. Click “like” and write about out store right on facebook– Type “Bridal Elegance” and then “Colorado Springs, CO and select our store and click on “Write a Review” and leave a comment or two 🙂

We beyond appreciate the time you took to write a review to help brides like yourself to find the perfect dress for their special day!

***You’ll get a free gift and $50.00 toward your wedding gown preservation if you bring in a copy of the review  you left for Bridal Elegance***

Thank you!!


Veils continued

Veils are all so very different, they come in whatever color the bride would like it in, and in which ever length they desire. Underneath are 5 types of veils.

Ballerina: The length of a ballerina veil falls anywhere between the knees and the ankles.

Chapel: This style is a bit more formal than the other types of veils because it extends about two yards from the head piece and extends to the floor. It is a wispy veil that is very light and elegant.

Cathedral: The cathedral veil is the most dramatic veil because it extends three and a half yards from the head piece.

Three-piece: The three piece veil is a more formal look because it is three types of veils together, the blusher, fingertip, and chapel.

Mantilla: This type of veil is draped over the brides head like a scarf and usually worn without a headpiece. The edges are usually laced to give the bride a dramatic and beautiful look.


Veils come in all shapes and sizes, from long to short, to black or white. The length depends on the style of your dress, how fancy your wedding will be, and most importantly what you think looks best for your special occasion. You have a choice of a million different veils to choose from, however to help us all out the creators of the veils have managed to narrow them down to 10 styles.

The first 4types of veils are underneath with the names of each veil and a description and a picture to put with the name. (see next blog to view the rest)

Blusher: This type of veil falls lightly over the brides face, the length ending just above the chin or a little underneath it. A great example of this is the Birdcage.

Flyaway: The flyaway veil grazes the top of the brides shoulders and has multiple layers in the back. This is great for a dress that has a beautiful detailed back because it is short enough to not cover up the dress.

Elbow: The length of the elbow veil is perfect for a formal dress or a less formal dress because it extends to the elbow which is right in the middle of the shorter veils and the longer ones.

Fingertip: When the brides arms are resting at their sides the length goes to their fingertips. This style is usually uses a few layers of fabric.


Why you NEED a Wedding Planner

There are MANY reasons why a wedding planner is a necessity. One major reason is that it takes off A LOT of stress on you as a bride. Brides already have to worry about so much, so why not take off as much responsiblity and stress as you can?

Wedding planners are there for YOU and every little detail of your wedding. Therefore, nothing will ever be overlooked. Hiring a wedding planner cost money but they are looking out for you, meaning they will get the best deals for you and save you money in the long run. Brides and grooms are able to tell the wedding planner all their wants and needs and a wedding planner will get it done because it is their job and they have been trained to do so. Another part of their job is to have many contacts in every wedding category, such as bakeries, venues, DJ’s, caterers, and much more. With that being said, wedding planners save you time. Time you would be spending on sifting through all your options on where to have your reception or which wedding cake shop is the best to go to.

Having a wedding planner allows a couple to breathe and enjoy their engagement and most importantly their wedding. Wedding planners know what they are doing, they have been trained to want the best for you and always be the best for you. There is no need for extra stress, and wedding planners know that! They will even help out with your crazy mother-in-law, or aunt, or whoever it may be.

Wedding planners are there for you and only YOU. So, breathe a little easier and hire a wedding planner.

Sophia Tolli

Our dresses at Bridal Elegance are beautiful and unique and it is because of our designers. One of our designers is Sophia Apostolides, who is the creator of Sophia Tolli. Sophia Tolli is a beautiful bridal collection we have in store for you to try on and feel like a princess.

Sophia Apostolides found her passion for designing dresses at a very young age. She had an aunt who was the inspiration to  Sophia and her want to become a dressmaker, seeing as her aunt was a very talented dressmaker herself. Her aunt made most of her wardrobe when she was a kid and as a teen Sophia liked to help pick out the fabrics she wanted for her clothes. Because of this Sophia was exposed to the fashion world, which sparked her passion for designing. She began crafting her own prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and bridal gowns all in her teens before she went to college. When she was in college she challenged traditional sewing techniques and brought her own sewing methods into her classes. Her exploration of alternative sewing options is where it all began. Where she found her unique sewing abilities and unique designs for the gowns. Her keen eye for fashion and beauty is how she became an award winning designer.

You can see her award winning gowns at Bridal Elegance. Make an appointment today by calling us or dropping in

Difference between Suits and Tuxedos

Suits and tuxedos may appear to be similar in some cases, but in most cases there are distinct differences.

Suits can be seen during formal occasions, such as weddings, funerals and business meetings. The shirt most men wear is a plain collared shirt usually dressed with a tie. Jacket labels are usually the same material as the jacket itself. The suit jacket worn can have from two to four buttons, they can be brown, black, dark grey, or navy blue.  The pants are the easiest to tell whether it is a suit or a tuxedo because a suit does not have a satin stripe on the outside. The pants also have belt loops and can be cuffed at the bottom or not. Last difference are the shoes, normally with suits men will choose to wear comfortable formal shoes, like Derbies or slip ons.

Tuxedos are seen during formal occasions such as weddings, prom, charity events, and award ceremonies. The shirts have a pleated front and cuff links or other similar accessories. The biggest difference between tuxedos and suits is the satin stripe on the trousers of a tuxedo. And to match the satin stripe is the lapel. The jacket lapels are seen in three different ways, peak, shawl, and notched. The jackets have one button, however the latest styles have been showing two or three buttons. The pants have no belt loops and are not cuffed at the bottom. Therefore, cummerbunds or suspenders are a required part of the attire. Last, shoes should be patent leather.




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