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What to Expect for Your Bridal Experience

Finding your dream wedding gown is a HUGE deal!! So come in and try on dresses to see which silhouette and fabric looks good on you! It is so important to have an appointment, especially if you have pictures of what dress you want and are close to just buying it online. Buying your  “dream dress” online is not recommended because  you’ll receive it and it could look nothing like you imagined it or saw in the picture and you’ll panic because it is only weeks away until your wedding day! Another reason not to buy your gown online is you’ll end up spending more money to either buy a new gown or fix all the mistakes. So, make an appointment to see dresses similar to the ones you have fallen in love with in pictures in person and see what they really look like on you and to ease some stress! Our time is yours and by making an appointment you become our focus for an hour to an hour and half!  Making an appointment is easy, all you have to do is call us, tell us when, and then we are all yours.

There are 6 things to keep in mind for your bridal experience

1) You will be asked what your vision is for your wedding

~Venue ~Wedding colors ~How many bridesmaids ~How formal ~ The theme (vintage, modern, rustic)

If you do not know any of those questions, don’t stress, not everyone is going to know, just have an idea so that we can help you find the perfect gown!

2) Try on different silhouettes, colors, and fabrics

~You may have fallen in love with a picture you saw on the internet and then you actually try it on and it ends up not looking the way you wanted it to. Or you try it on and it is what you wanted! Either way you should always try on different silhouettes, colors, and fabrics because something could look way better on you than the dress in the picture.

3) Bring someone you trust

~ Having someone to share a fun experience with you is always important! It helps you make decisions and eliminate dresses, and it always helps to have another set of eyes to see things that you or your consultant did not see at first. They also tend to be the people who remind you of certain details you need on your wedding gown such as sleeves if your venue requires your shoulders to be covered or a certain color that you insisted on having in the beginning of the appointment.

4) Don’t be afraid to say YES to the dress

~ When you’re about to say yes to the dress don’t ever feel rushed, you have time to breathe and take it all in before you make your decision. If you are hesitating on saying yes, tell your consultant, ask questions! She can help put your mind at ease. Just know we are three to four bridal shops in one so you can compare dress after dress to each other right here at the store to make sure you are saying yes to the right dress! Most importantly, you’ll know when you have the dress of your dreams on, so go with that gut and heart instinct. Say YES!

5) After you say yes to the dress

~ You will be measured so that we can order the dress in your exact size and color you want it to be in. We will go over the sizes with you, so that you know we ordered it correctly. You will pay for the dress and then make an alterations appointment 6-8 weeks before your wedding, if time allows. If not, we can always do rush alterations, so don’t worry; everything will be perfect!

6) Alterations and final touches

~ Every woman is shaped differently so just know that alterations happen for most everyone, whether there are big adjustments or none at all. The alterations appointment is set up with one of our master seamstresses who will go over every detail of the dress to figure out what you want to be altered. They have been doing this for over 30 years so your dress will be beyond perfect for your big day. There are normally at least two to three alterations appointments, depending on what needs to be done. You’ll try it on each time just to make sure it’s fitting correctly and looks how you imagined. After the last fitting, you’ll get to take it home or leave it to be steamed and before you know it, you’ll be walking down the aisle in your dream gown!

Now you are prepared for your bridal experience! Stop in or call and book an appointment today!

Call: 719- 596-5911

Stop in: 2415 North Academy Blv, Colorado Springs, CO 80909



Eat Your Bouquet

There is a tradition that started in the ancient times…wedding bouquets! However, the tradition was a little bit different then it is now. Before carrying flowers down the isle was a thing, the bride and groom wore herbs, such as garlic. In ancient Greece and Rome they carried or wore garlands of strong smelling herbs that would ward off evil spirits or bad health. Later on the wearing of herbs and spices was thought to bring on good luck, hope, and fertility.

Now, we all love the Victorian era (if you don’t agree, you’re wrong ;)…) because that is where the wedding traditions you see today came from and stuck. Such as flower bouquets, instead of just herbs and spices. Flowers began to be used in bouquets because of the “flower language”. The flower language, which is the meaning behind each flower, made it’s way all the way from Turkey to England. In Turkey flowers were used for messages between lovers, those flowers were then incorporated into the brides bouquet. The use of flower bouquets truly began with the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. They still included edible flowers, which was strung down from the tradition of carrying herbs and spies. Dill was the most common edible flower that was used in the wedding bouquets to symbolize lust. So, the bride and groom, and sometimes their guests, would consume dill to increase desires and fertility.

Today flower bouquets are used in almost every wedding, however most of them do not have edible flowers in them anymore…that tradition like so many other wedding traditions became revamped or lost in translation.

So, when you are picking out your bouquet just remember that if you put dill in it and consume it you will have a FANTASTIC night!

It is OK to begin again

It is OK to not have a clue what your dream dress looks like. You may have an idea of what you want your dream wedding gown to look like or you may have absolutely no idea! Either way our Bridal Elegance consultants are here to help you! One thing brides should know about their bridal experience, who have not tried anything on yet, is that you should try on the four main silhouettes: the sheath, fit and flare, A Line and Ball gown.

Here is the thing, you could have your dream dress picked out that you found on the internet somewhere and you have a picture of it and everything. So, we find the exact dress or something similar to it and put it on you…and you hate it or you may still like the dress but it does not look the way you imagined it to look on you. And that is OK! It happens, that is why you need to try on all the styles so that you know which looks best on you and which dress is YOUR dress. For example, you could have fallen in love with a lace fit and flare that you pinned on your “Wedding Dress Ideas” on Pinterest and so you try an alike dress to that gown but don’t love it anymore and you begin to lose hope and get discouraged because now you have no idea as to what you want to look like on your wedding day. That’s OK! Start over, bridal consultants are there for YOU, your wants and your needs are their priorities, so begin again and find the style that fits your personality and look! Do not lose heart when you begin to not know what you actually want because you will be surrounded by people who want to help you find your dream dress.

You get to be dressed up and feel like a princess for the day, so milk it (: have fun with it and know that you are beautiful inside and out and the gown is just icing on the cake for your wedding day to be perfect!

Have a Say (Reviews)

Finding your wedding gown is kind of a HUGE deal and you want to have the best experience possible. In doing so you must find the right stores with the right dresses and the ways to do that is either know someone who got their dress from a certain place or look it up. If you look up bridal stores you will also see reviews that have been made about the stores. Those reviews are very important in helping you decide which store best suits you!

We need YOUR help with our reviews for Bridal Elegance. If you loved your experience here then post something about it or if there is anything you wish for brides who are looking for their own gown to know, post it!

You have four options on how you choose to leave a review! -Type in “Bridal Elegance Colorado Springs” then click the star rating/review icon and from there you can click “Write a Review” and post a comment– Click on “Local Vendors” in the top bar or search with vendor name, Bridal Elegance. In the box that says “near” type in Colorado Springs, CO and select our store and click the “Write a Review”. If you are not a member it takes a few seconds to register with your email address– Type in or search for us in the search box on facebook. Click “like” and write about out store right on facebook– Type “Bridal Elegance” and then “Colorado Springs, CO and select our store and click on “Write a Review” and leave a comment or two 🙂

We beyond appreciate the time you took to write a review to help brides like yourself to find the perfect dress for their special day!

***You’ll get a free gift and $50.00 toward your wedding gown preservation if you bring in a copy of the review  you left for Bridal Elegance***

Thank you!!


Why you NEED a Wedding Planner

There are MANY reasons why a wedding planner is a necessity. One major reason is that it takes off A LOT of stress on you as a bride. Brides already have to worry about so much, so why not take off as much responsiblity and stress as you can?

Wedding planners are there for YOU and every little detail of your wedding. Therefore, nothing will ever be overlooked. Hiring a wedding planner cost money but they are looking out for you, meaning they will get the best deals for you and save you money in the long run. Brides and grooms are able to tell the wedding planner all their wants and needs and a wedding planner will get it done because it is their job and they have been trained to do so. Another part of their job is to have many contacts in every wedding category, such as bakeries, venues, DJ’s, caterers, and much more. With that being said, wedding planners save you time. Time you would be spending on sifting through all your options on where to have your reception or which wedding cake shop is the best to go to.

Having a wedding planner allows a couple to breathe and enjoy their engagement and most importantly their wedding. Wedding planners know what they are doing, they have been trained to want the best for you and always be the best for you. There is no need for extra stress, and wedding planners know that! They will even help out with your crazy mother-in-law, or aunt, or whoever it may be.

Wedding planners are there for you and only YOU. So, breathe a little easier and hire a wedding planner.

Sophia Tolli

Our dresses at Bridal Elegance are beautiful and unique and it is because of our designers. One of our designers is Sophia Apostolides, who is the creator of Sophia Tolli. Sophia Tolli is a beautiful bridal collection we have in store for you to try on and feel like a princess.

Sophia Apostolides found her passion for designing dresses at a very young age. She had an aunt who was the inspiration to  Sophia and her want to become a dressmaker, seeing as her aunt was a very talented dressmaker herself. Her aunt made most of her wardrobe when she was a kid and as a teen Sophia liked to help pick out the fabrics she wanted for her clothes. Because of this Sophia was exposed to the fashion world, which sparked her passion for designing. She began crafting her own prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and bridal gowns all in her teens before she went to college. When she was in college she challenged traditional sewing techniques and brought her own sewing methods into her classes. Her exploration of alternative sewing options is where it all began. Where she found her unique sewing abilities and unique designs for the gowns. Her keen eye for fashion and beauty is how she became an award winning designer.

You can see her award winning gowns at Bridal Elegance. Make an appointment today by calling us or dropping in

David Tutera

David Tutera is one of our wedding designers here at Bridal Elegance. You might know him from TV’s show, My Fair Wedding and CELEBration. A little about David Tutera, he got his start when his grandfather encouraged him to pursue his artistic ability, in which ever way that took him. So, at the age of 19 David opened up his very own event planning business and that is how it all began. His name soon became popular because of the unique elegance and style of his wedding planning. He now has very impressive clients such as Jennifer Lopez, the Official Post Grammy Parties in New York, private events in the White House, Rolling Stones, and many others.

David Tutera is a man of wonders; he is a wedding planner, bridal fashion designer, designer, author, and professional speaker. David works with Mon Cheri designer Martin Thornburg to create a variety of gorgeous, fashionable gowns with high quality fabrics and hand-beaded Swarovski crystals. You can come into Bridal Elegance to see these beautiful gowns in person and find the dress of your dreams.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Finding your bridesmaid dress is a fun and important part in planning your wedding. And brides, just so you know, typically your bridesmaids pay for their own dress, shoes, and accessories. This takes off a little stress and saves you money. So, bring in your ladies and have them be your personal models and Barbie dolls for the day.

Length and Style

There are a few aspects of finding perfect bridesmaids dresses to keep in mind, such as, length, style, color, and fabric. Come prepared with the colors you are wanting for your wedding and the feel of your wedding. Usually, the longer the dress is the more formal the wedding is. You have many options when it comes to length; you have knee-high, a hi-low skirt, tea length skirt and floor length. The length is up to you, the bride, and what style and feel you are wanting for your wedding. The style of a dress is similar to that of a wedding gown, meaning you can find a sweetheart neckline, or a mermaid silhouette, when looking for a bridesmaid dress.

Color and Fabric

Another part to keep in mind is color, which goes along with the type of fabric you want. Color is important to know because it helps set the mood of your wedding and helps figure out whether you want your ladies to be dressed in those exact colors or dressed in different shades of the colors. There are between 40 and 60 colors that your bridesmaid dress can come in, the numbers vary depending on the fabric of the dress. Fabrics include taffeta, which is a crisp, smooth fabric made of satin, and chiffon, which is a lightweight, sheer and soft silk fabric. Another type is satin with tulle, which is typical in a tea length dress.

Keep in mind that picking bridesmaid dresses is all up to you as the bride, what you want in style and color. So, have fun with this! Make it a special outing for you and the girls! Have them come in and try on dresses for you to give an in person idea of what you are imagining for your special day. Book a bridesmaid appointment today or just stop in, we are all here to help make your day perfect!

Preserving Your Gown

In order to have your beautiful wedding gown be passed on from generation to generation you must preserve it. Preserving a gown means getting it cleaned and packed away. Cleaning the gown is the most important part so don’t wait until the honeymoon is over because that gives stains more time to sink in, therefore making it harder to get out. When you bring your wedding gown in to be preserved, make sure to tell them of ALL loose beading, or stains that they need to be aware of. Also, know the right questions to ask, if you must sign a release or disclaimer, because a good preservation company will guarantee everything down to the tiniest of beads. Also, ask about a warranty or how the company will repay you for any damage to your gown. There are a lot of factors to take notice of when thinking about preserving your gown.  If you let your dress hang in your closet or in the attic it will have such a negative affect on your dress. The affects include: yellowing, permanent creasing, mildew, mold, oxidation spots (brown spots), light, and dust all may occur.

The wedding preservation kit we offer is through the Wedding Gown Preservation Company that began in 1913 and is very trusted. The kit includes prepaid gown cleaning and preservation having up to three items: Veil and/or headpiece, detachable train, jacket, ring pillow, money bag, purse, handkerchief, gloves, and a garter. It also includes a white gloss finish preservation chest, deluxe shipping container, $500 declared value, 100 year certificate of guarantee and prepaid shipping both ways (Continental U.S). There is a Celebrity Line Upgrade that you may choose, which is your gown is packaged in unbleached muslin, you will get a silver preservation chest, the dress will be hand pressed, and $1,500 declared value. This is recommended for silk gowns and gowns valued over $1,000.

Visit the website for more information and a video that shows you how they preserve a wedding gown.



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