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About Our Linens and Event Decor

Do not look anywhere else, we have you covered! Bridal Elegance has two fantastic ladies, Sherrie Caroll and Terry Ortega, who do it all for you, the chair covers, the linens, the event lighting, ceiling drapes and so much more. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and tell them everything you want. The first step to less stress is to give them a call to make an appointment to come into the store and sit down with Sherry or Terry. You will tell them all about your hopes and dreams for your wedding day and they will tell you how they are going to make that happen for you.

We offer the highest quality fabrics and linens in over 50 different colors for you to choose from. The selection includes, any size and color tablecloths, self-tie chair covers, banquet chair covers, folding chair covers, and satin and organza sashes. All of which, we are able to match with the theme and the colors of your wedding perfectly. The material you can choose from is very soft and very durable which makes it last throughout the entire event. The Bridal Elegance team sets up all your wedding décor to transform your venue into the dream wedding you imagined. Also, we know how stressful and crazy a wedding can be so to give you one less thing to worry about, we strike the wedding for you at the end of the night. Meaning we take apart all the wedding décor that we set up for you, so that you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest without having to be responsible for taking it down yourself.

Stop stressing today and give these wonderful ladies a call for they will answer any and every question that you have.

Terry Ortega: (719) 661-2675

Sherry Caroll: (719) 232-9229



When you’re stressed your comfort foods seem to yell for your attention and never seem to go away. We find comfort in eating our stress away for a few reasons and the first reason is simple; it is all about the mechanics. Tension seems to disappear when your mouth is moving or crunching down on something. Another reason is that eating seems to signal “I’m okay and relaxed because the food is energizing me” to the brain, seemingly to overpower what the body is really saying what it really needs. However, your body does need certain foods, but it needs the right foods, not the comfort foods that we tend to want more.

Foods that help decrease stress are out there and I am here to tell you of a few of them!!

Oranges – The vitamin C is know to curb level of stress hormones and strengthen your immune system

Spinach– Gives magnesium which helps headaches and fatigue

Pistachios– They are a healthy fat that can help lower cholesterol, ease inflammation in the hearts arteries and they prevent effects of stress

Berries– Berries are rich in Vitamin C and the best of all are blue berries. They are an antioxidant that helps promote good health and known to sharpen your mind

Raw Veggies– Crunch raw veggies helps ease stress because it wards of tension by the mechanics of crunching down on something

Bread– Healthy carbs stabilize sugar levels and if you eat it before bed it releases serotonin and helps you sleep better

Changing your diet and eating right always helps with stress but there are always more ways to release stress, such as exercise. Being active and exercising for 30 minutes at least for 3 to 4 days boosts oxygen circulation and gives your body endorphins



VEBO is the Rave

What is Vebo you ask? Well Vebo is a wedding gift registry! Instead of your guests buying presents for you to bring to the wedding, they can put money towards a fun activity that you and your hubby can do as a couple! What better way to start your marriage than to spend quality time on a create and exciting date? And according to scientific research sharing adventures and going on unique dates improves marriages! Some of the fun activities and events you can attend are cooking classes, Latin dance lessons, riding a hot air balloon, white water rafting, winemaking, and so much more!

All you need to do is register for Vebo, select a few activities that you are interested in and tell your guests to look at them and contribute to the activity instead of bringing a gift, or along side bringing a gift if your guests are that wonderful. The amount of each activity ranges from $18 to $800, so have your wedding guests pick from some of your selections and add money to it! It is currently available in Colorado only, however the company will be expanding to other US states soon.

For further information check out their website to see if you are interested in the activities they will have planned for you!

Check it out at



10 Must Do’s before your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding can be stressful and a lot of work! So, make sure you are allowing yourself to breathe and not stress out too much. Be efficient but don’t overwhelm yourself.

To prepare yourself for the big day with as much fun and as little stress as possible I have come up with 10 Must Do’s before your wedding.

1)Take Engagement Photos– This is a fun way to show off your love and engagement. It’s also great practice for your wedding day!

2) Have a Heart to Heart– Bond with your bridesmaids, mom, dad, and anyone else you are close with. Talk about your fears and concerns about going into this marriage, ask for advice and just take time to be with the people who love and cherish you.

3) Handle Finances– Talk to your fiancé about the joining of accounts and any concerns you have about future finances.

4) Food Tasting– Test all the food you will be serving to your guests. It’s a great excuse to have fun and enjoy awesome food in order to find the best to serve at your wedding.

5) Prepare Back Up Hair and Make Up Plan– If for any reason the person who is supposed to do your hair and make up can’t make it, make sure you have styles you can do yourself.

6) Rehearse– Have a rehearsal dinner, practice walking down the isle with a bouquet and holding onto whoever is walking you down the isle, practice where everyone stands, and in general the flow of the wedding. This is great to ease stress and involve the whole family.

7) Paperwork– Make sure you’ve taken care of all paperwork, talk to the venue and see if everything is all set for the day ahead of time and talk to your officiate to check if you both have signed all the papers or gotten all the blood work you need to get done to make sure you will be married by the end of the wedding.

8) Honeymoon Preparation– Make a check list! Be sure a couple days ahead that you have all the toiletries you need, passport ready, identification with you, the proper clothing needed, and anything else you need packed. Also, call and make sure the plane is on schedule and that the reservations at the hotel are booked.

9) Day of Coordinator– As the bride you cannot be everywhere at once, so have a day of coordinator who can be everywhere for you. That person will make sure everything is running smoothly so that you do not have to worry about it.

10) Take Care of Yourself– Focus on you, this is your big day! Do not let anything stress you out because it is your day and all you need to do is make sure you have everything you need. Make sure you have your veil, dress, shoes, make up, snacks and anything else you personally need on your wedding day.


Honeymoon ideas

The honeymoon is one of the best chapters of your book! There are many places and activities you can do as a couple for your honeymoon. Some ideas are more obvious than others, such as taking a cruise or an island vacation getaway. However the less obvious ideas are sometimes less expensive and a bit more unique.


1) Camp – Honeymoons are meant to bring you closer and have time to each other, what better way to do that than pitch a tent and survive nature together.

2) Staycation-This may not sound glamorous but who wouldn’t love a month off from work and responsibilities just to be locked away in one house with the one you love?

3) Fancy Resort– Go to a resort in your hometown to get away for a couple days without the hassle of planes, buses, and worrying about getting back on time for work.

4) Road trip – Take a road trip and visit places you’ve been wanting to see around the states. It’s fun and instead of sitting on an 8 hour plane you could be sitting in a car looking at the world around you.

5) Las Vegas – A trip to sin city might just be the fun get away you need for your honeymoon to see shows or go to beautiful restaurants.

6) Themed Retreats – There are many retreats around that you could choose from to have a themed and fun honeymoon, like ranching, yoga, backpacking, or vineyard retreats.

7) Disney Parks – Go to Disneyland or Disneyworld for a magical honeymoon, filled with fun, mickey, and rides.


The honeymoon wasn’t always a happy time for everybody. There are many theories on how it began and how we got the name. In ancient times the honeymoon was the time when the bride and groom would be hiding from the brides family who were trying to rescue her from her abductor, her groom. They would come out of hiding when the bride was either pregnant or her family stopped looking for her. Thus the beginning of what we know as the honeymoon after a wedding. Another theory about the honeymoon is that for the first month of the marriage the couple would drink honeyed mead for a full moon cycle, because the tradition used to be for the couple to be married on a full moon.

The Wedding Dress Train

The wedding train is the part of the skirt that gives it the length. The length depends entirely on YOU and what you think looks best for your wedding ceremony. Normally, the fancier the wedding is the longer the train will be. Back in the day the train usually determined your status, so how wealthier you are. Nowadays it is based upon how formal or informal your wedding is.

There are a few different trains you can decide from, the sweep, court, chapel, cathedral, and monarch.

The Sweep: Is the shortest and extends only 1 to 1.5 feet beyond the end of the dress

Court: This is the same length as the sweep, the only difference is it extends from the waist








Chapel: The chapel is the most common and extends from the waist to the floor from 3.5 to 4.5 feet

Cathedral: This train is typically seen in very formal weddings and requires a supporting bustle because there is so much fabric. The train extends 6.5 to 7.5 from the waist to the floor

Monarch: This is the train seen on Kate Middleton’s wedding gown. It is normally reserved for royalty because it extends 12 feet from the waist. It is rarely seen on American wedding gowns

Choose your train wisely! Be creative, if you want a long train for the ceremony but don’t want to have to fuss with a long dress for the reception get a detachable train. You can also have a bustle for your train. It is all up to YOU the bride! Have fun with it!


Veils continued

Veils are all so very different, they come in whatever color the bride would like it in, and in which ever length they desire. Underneath are 5 types of veils.

Ballerina: The length of a ballerina veil falls anywhere between the knees and the ankles.

Chapel: This style is a bit more formal than the other types of veils because it extends about two yards from the head piece and extends to the floor. It is a wispy veil that is very light and elegant.

Cathedral: The cathedral veil is the most dramatic veil because it extends three and a half yards from the head piece.

Three-piece: The three piece veil is a more formal look because it is three types of veils together, the blusher, fingertip, and chapel.

Mantilla: This type of veil is draped over the brides head like a scarf and usually worn without a headpiece. The edges are usually laced to give the bride a dramatic and beautiful look.


Veils come in all shapes and sizes, from long to short, to black or white. The length depends on the style of your dress, how fancy your wedding will be, and most importantly what you think looks best for your special occasion. You have a choice of a million different veils to choose from, however to help us all out the creators of the veils have managed to narrow them down to 10 styles.

The first 4types of veils are underneath with the names of each veil and a description and a picture to put with the name. (see next blog to view the rest)

Blusher: This type of veil falls lightly over the brides face, the length ending just above the chin or a little underneath it. A great example of this is the Birdcage.

Flyaway: The flyaway veil grazes the top of the brides shoulders and has multiple layers in the back. This is great for a dress that has a beautiful detailed back because it is short enough to not cover up the dress.

Elbow: The length of the elbow veil is perfect for a formal dress or a less formal dress because it extends to the elbow which is right in the middle of the shorter veils and the longer ones.

Fingertip: When the brides arms are resting at their sides the length goes to their fingertips. This style is usually uses a few layers of fabric.


Difference between Suits and Tuxedos

Suits and tuxedos may appear to be similar in some cases, but in most cases there are distinct differences.

Suits can be seen during formal occasions, such as weddings, funerals and business meetings. The shirt most men wear is a plain collared shirt usually dressed with a tie. Jacket labels are usually the same material as the jacket itself. The suit jacket worn can have from two to four buttons, they can be brown, black, dark grey, or navy blue.  The pants are the easiest to tell whether it is a suit or a tuxedo because a suit does not have a satin stripe on the outside. The pants also have belt loops and can be cuffed at the bottom or not. Last difference are the shoes, normally with suits men will choose to wear comfortable formal shoes, like Derbies or slip ons.

Tuxedos are seen during formal occasions such as weddings, prom, charity events, and award ceremonies. The shirts have a pleated front and cuff links or other similar accessories. The biggest difference between tuxedos and suits is the satin stripe on the trousers of a tuxedo. And to match the satin stripe is the lapel. The jacket lapels are seen in three different ways, peak, shawl, and notched. The jackets have one button, however the latest styles have been showing two or three buttons. The pants have no belt loops and are not cuffed at the bottom. Therefore, cummerbunds or suspenders are a required part of the attire. Last, shoes should be patent leather.




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