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Many moons ago a Dutch girl fell in love with a poor miller’s son and wanted to marry him. However, her father had other ideas for her future, one that entailed a wealthy pig farmer. He told her not to marry the boy and that if she did, he would take away her dowry. This bold Dutch girl doesn’t listen to her father and decides to marry the miller’s son anyways because she is in love with him. Her friends and village people heard about this and wanted to show their support so they gave them gifts to help them begin their life as a couple. It was said that the father was so touched by this that he ended up helping them out with money. Thus, the beginning of what we know now as a Bridal Shower.

Bridal Shower

Bridal Showers are a tastefully, fun, family and friend gathering that is filled with games, food, and of course gifts. This is a bit different than the bachelorette party that is usually a bit more adventurous and wild, whereas the bridal shower is more innocent and G rated. However, you can still get crazy with your themes and games for your bridal shower.

Theme ideas

There are many themes you can do such as a tasting shower, where you try different types of cheese or chocolates, spa and beauty shower, co-ed shower, meaning you invite the groom and other men of your liking, an outdoorsy shower, so rock climbing or renting a cabin, or you can have a foodie shower, where one of your friends teaches the guests how to cook! There are many more themes out there, so get creative about the celebration of love!


Games are the best part of the bridal shower, so get silly and spunky with it! You have games like the toilet paper wedding dress game, two truths and a lie, and you have the clothespin game, which is when you give each guest either “bride” or “groom” and they can’t say that word all night! Have fun planning the shower because the sky is the limit! You can embarrass the bride as much or as little and you want.

Bridal Showers are meant to shower the bride in gifts and love but it’s also an excuse to party and have fun!



The Best Man or The Best Bodyguard

Best man or best bodyguard? That is the question!

The best man is a great job to have because that means you are close to the groom and you support him in everyway.

WELL, many moons ago this job was taken very seriously. The job of the best man was to protect the groom and the bride from the brides family. If a groom could not find a bride that was in his community, he would capture a girl to be his bride. This of course is not a one man job, so he would bring along his companion, later to be known as the best man. The kidnapping of the bride would anger the family which would usually lead to a fight to capture the girl back. Therefore, the best man had to be prepared for any revenge doing by the brides family and be the one to stand guard and protect the bride and groom. During the ceremony the bride would stand on the left side of the groom so that his right arm was prepared for any fighting he had to do, while is left arm was to protect his bride. The best man would be by the grooms left side armed and ready to fight. The best man was a job taken extremely serious and a job needed to be done right.

So, men get your weapons and be prepared because you never know which crazy uncle disapproves of their niece getting married to your best friend.

Best man or best bodyguard?

…bit of both!




Eat Your Bouquet

There is a tradition that started in the ancient times…wedding bouquets! However, the tradition was a little bit different then it is now. Before carrying flowers down the isle was a thing, the bride and groom wore herbs, such as garlic. In ancient Greece and Rome they carried or wore garlands of strong smelling herbs that would ward off evil spirits or bad health. Later on the wearing of herbs and spices was thought to bring on good luck, hope, and fertility.

Now, we all love the Victorian era (if you don’t agree, you’re wrong ;)…) because that is where the wedding traditions you see today came from and stuck. Such as flower bouquets, instead of just herbs and spices. Flowers began to be used in bouquets because of the “flower language”. The flower language, which is the meaning behind each flower, made it’s way all the way from Turkey to England. In Turkey flowers were used for messages between lovers, those flowers were then incorporated into the brides bouquet. The use of flower bouquets truly began with the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. They still included edible flowers, which was strung down from the tradition of carrying herbs and spies. Dill was the most common edible flower that was used in the wedding bouquets to symbolize lust. So, the bride and groom, and sometimes their guests, would consume dill to increase desires and fertility.

Today flower bouquets are used in almost every wedding, however most of them do not have edible flowers in them anymore…that tradition like so many other wedding traditions became revamped or lost in translation.

So, when you are picking out your bouquet just remember that if you put dill in it and consume it you will have a FANTASTIC night!

Engagement Rings

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “engagement ring”?? Maybe, marriage, love, new, exciting, fun, or nerve racking? Now, keep what you think about engagement rings stored in the back of your mind and keep reading, because I bet you have never truly thought about the origin of the engagement ring…and nor have I, until now.


The idea of an engagement ring dates all the way back to when cavemen tied grass together to put around their mates wrists, ankles, and waists to symbolize her spirit being under his control. In 2nd Century BC and 1st Century BC the ring was to bind the brides to their men legally, symbolizing the men’s ownership of the woman they married. In 1217 girls were being seduced into mock marriages using rings made out of rushes, however the bishop of Salisbury wanted to end this. To end it he declares that marriages using rush-rings will be legally binding. Hence, the start of the commitment that is symbolized by wedding rings.

Now you’re probably thinking, “I am an independent woman who is owned by no one!” It’s okay because I am right there with you! Romance may seem to be impossible to think about when it comes to engagement rings because you think of being owned or you think about Sultans tagging their wives with rings and it loses some of the joy. HOWEVER, the poetically beautiful symbol of commitment that is portrayed by the rings is brought to life in 1477, with one of the first recorded use of a diamond engagement ring, by a man named Archduke Maximilian. Archduke Maximilian proposes to Mary of Burgundy with a thin ring with flat diamonds in the shape of an M. Thus becoming the first man to use an engagement ring the right way, creating love and passion for their years to come!

NOW do you remember what you thought of when you heard the words engagement ring? Hold on to those thoughts but add in the new information you just read and be proud that you learned something new today! Engagement rings are still exciting, new, fun, and maybe a little nerve racking!! The only difference is when you hear “engagement ring” you’ll be fully equipped to be excited for the people but then freak them out by telling them those rings used to be for men to prove they own their women.





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