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November 2015

The Sugarplum Cake Shoppe & Bakery

The Sugarplum Cake Shoppe & Bakery offer amazingly delicious treats for your wedding. From wedding cakes to cupcakes they will have what you want. If you are looking for something sweet for your engagement party, they do special occasion cakes, cheese cakes, muffins, sticky buns, and so much more!

Wedding cake prices start at $3.75 to $4.00 per serving and go up depending on designs and materials used. Medium cupcakes start at $30.00/dz. AND they deliver and set up, which starts at $45.00.

Complimentary Cake Sampling occurs Monday- Saturday from 8am to 8pm (Saturdays 5:00pm). This is free for you and your significant other to sample some cake that you might have on your wedding day!

Contact them at (719) 930-3343 or

Stop in and see the incredibly tasty desserts at 412 South 8th street, Colorado Springs, CO 80905


Buying Online Is A Mistake

You hear of horror stories about women buying their wedding gown online and it makes you stop and think, “Maybe I shouldn’t buy my dress online.” GOOD! We do not want you to buy online because it is not best for you. It does not save you money, it might not fit perfectly on you, pictures may be deceiving, and you do not get the full wedding dress experience.

Many people buy their dresses online because it “saves money” but really it does quite the opposite. Dresses can look completely different from the pictures that are shown, or the beading can be loose or missing, or there may be spots or stains on the dress, or the dress could be a completely different size and not fit you right. Sizes are different around the world, for example, if you order a size 12 in the USA, you may be getting it from overseas which has a different size chart. Buying your dress online also means you lose the chance to see how each element of your dress fits on you perfectly. Meaning, it may need a lot of alterations, instead of buying the right size for you and maybe getting a small adjustment. If your dress has any of these malfunctions then it is going to cost you more to get it ALL fixed, instead of having it look perfect when you come in person to find your dream dress.

Things are not always what they seem. For example, online wedding dresses! People have gotten so good at Photoshop that you can barely tell the difference between a real photo and one that has been very edited. With that being said, pictures of wedding dresses to buy online can be tweaked to perfection when in reality the picture only looks that way because it was altered and smoothed out. Better not take any chances with buying online because you want the dress of your dreams, not a dress that was not made for you.

Wedding dress shopping is one of the best parts about creating your perfect wedding! You get to bring an entourage to “ooh” and “ah” over you because you are the princess, modeling gorgeous wedding gowns. You also get to see what you look like in your gown and make sure it is the right one for you. We want to give you the best experience possible and the only way to do that is if you come in person and have the full bridal experience! So, don’t miss out on a great opportunity to be pampered and treated like a princess.

The Best Neckline For You

The neckline has a strong impact on your appearance and is what most people focus on because it draws attention on the face, collarbones, and décolletage.

b83b48c87bbb943de743b167c9afa293.jpg Halter: is the sleeveless style that fastens at the back of the neck and leaves the shoulders bare. This is a great look for woman with very defined shoulders. It does not look best on woman with broad or narrow shoulders.

Y11635_WeddingDresses Off-the-Shoulder: A slightly curving neckline that extends from should to shoulder and has a small sleeve or fabric that lightly cover the shoulders. this looks wonderful on medium to full sized busts and pear-shape figures. This look does not look the best on people with broad shoulders and thin hips.

Scoop-Neck-Wedding-Dress-without-Sleeves Scoop: A softly curved line that slopes downward across the bodice. This look is perfect for everyone.

Y21441_CRPSpaghetti Strap: Has very thin straps that go over the shoulders. Looks best on small to medium busts. Woman with large busts or broad shoulders tend to not lean toward these straps.

1_31_4228Y11309lowres Strapless: the bodice is usually cut straight across but can have other necklines as well. This looks fantastic on woman with broad shoulders.

aline-wedding-dress-tus1030 Square: Features a square or rectangle shaped neckline. It looks best on well-endowed or LDS temple-ready brides.

david-tutera-wedding-dresses-31-10242014nz-720x959 Sweetheart: Has a graceful, open neckline that is shaped like the top half of a heart. This looks wonderful on a woman with a medium to large bust because the neckline curves down across the bust and comes to a point at the décolletage which caused the bride to look better proportioned.

213255-by-david-tutera-for-mon-cheri.jpg Tank: Similar to a scoop neckline just without sleeves. It looks really great on woman who have muscular arms. Brides who have arm issues do not feel as comfortable in this style.

Newest-Chiffon-Beach-Wedding-Dress-2015-Court-Train-Beaded-V-neck-Sleeveless-Custom-Made-Bridal-Gown V-Neck: Dips down in a flattering V. This elongates the neckline and de-emphasizes the bustline. Looks fabulous on woman who are a B or C in bra cups.

A-Line and Ball Gown


The A-Line and Ball Gown work for every body type. A-Lines and Ball Gowns are awesome for woman who have some curves that they would like to hide or smooth out. The A-Line silhouette, also known as the princess cut, is great for woman who want a Ball Gown style of dress but not quite so much flare and drama with the skirt. It also looks beautiful on women who want to elongate the lines of their body; this is done by being narrow at the top and wider at the bottom.

The Ball Gown is great for someone who wants all the fullness and drama that the beautiful skirt provides. It also looks wonderful on someone with a long torso who would like to give the appearance of a shorter torso. Each style of dress is uniquely yours because no one is shaped the same way! The A-Line or Ball Gown might be the perfect dress for you, but yo  u’ll never know unless you come in and try them on!


Sheath and Fit and Flare


The Sheath Silhouette is form fitting; meaning it usually hugs the natural lines of your body. This style looks really great on petite girls because it elongates their body. It also gives the right amount of curves still making sure you look elegant and beautiful while showing off your figure. Sheaths also like to help make walking easier. To make walking not as difficult, you can flare out the skirt into a trumpet or fishtail style.

The Fit and Flare is form fitting in the bodice and through the hips ending mid-thigh. It then flares out to the skirt. The flare can be drastic, where you can add in more flare, or it can be subtle, where it hugs your body just right and flares out a little with no help from any extra add ins like tulle or crinoline. Fit and Flares are your typical mermaid or trumpet dresses. They look best of girls who do not have definite curves because it extenuates the curves. So, it gives the illusion that someone has curves when they may not have defined curves naturally.

Mori Lee 5108

Dress Styles

There are many dress styles you can choose from for your special day.  The four main styles are Fit and Flare, Sheath, A-Line, and Ball Gown. When the silhouettes first came to be, there were only four styles and now there are many other subcategories. Dress silhouettes look different on each person because not one person has the same body type. For example, A-Line dresses are great for smoothing out your beautiful curves that you do not necessarily want to show off. Yet, they also look great on women with less curves because it lengthens the look of the torso which makes them look elegantly taller. Choosing your dress is one of the highlights of the wedding process; You get to be a princess for a day and have people dress you up to make you feel special, while your entourage is telling you how amazing you look in all the dresses. If you come into the store with ideas of what you want, we will find exactly what you are looking for. However, other styles might look even better on you so if you see something that you want to try on, do it! Women come in with the idea that they only want Fit and Flare but figure out that a Sheath silhouette looks even better on them and they fall in love all over again with a new style. Every style looks different on each person and in the end that is what makes your dress truly one of a kind.

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